i ignite

sometimes i light up, i ignite.


once, my sun, i begged you
not to fall where i can’t follow.
as if i would not see the soft glow
against the ground where your
stardust footsteps wound. i am
pulled forth by your shallow breaths,
down and down and down, never to
refuse that hungry, hallowed ground.

i am small and selfish and stubborn.
the path is barred to me, yet i still
call out to you, for you, towards you.
maybe that aching gravity still binds
us; are you waiting on my mournful howling call?

without an anchor i am breaking,
yet shaking, i seduce the earth. entice
the darkness, call the lust from the
shadows that swallowed you —
for as they are hungry, so i am willing.

drag me low and under, pull me
back from my moonshine mother, for
she lost a sun in you and a son in me
and mourns for neither. beckon me,
and my faith-stained blood will flow.

—    you were my hold steady // r.k.

(via kirawords)